Quality used books, affordable prices, in Hogansville, GA

A Destination Used Bookstore in West Central Georgia

Books and reading are still the best entertainment value going, and Blue Train Books in Hogansville, GA is where you can find a diverse selection of quality low price books (fiction and non-fiction) in a variety of categories. We have treasures for the collectors, plenty of non-fiction for the studious, picture books for the kids, gifts for the shoppers, and fiction of all kinds for the readers. People love to spend time with our collection of ephemera too.

Our physical location is a used bookstore. New and in-print books available online.


Mon - Sat
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Coming by a little late? Give us a call!
We pride ourselves on our well organized store, easy browsing, and low prices. Our goal is to make the store a worthwhile drive for someone to visit from out of town and to make the books cheap enough so it’s easy to take a few home.
At Blue Train Books, we try to offer something for everyone, from the casual reader to the dedicated book hound–not to mention collectors of ephemera and sheet music. Fiction lovers will find many books in our store at $5 and under. Mass-market paperbacks and small-format hardcovers are only $2!

We have a selection of nice hardcover fiction, with dust jacket covers, in the $4-$6 range, from popular to genre to literary. We are always working on our collection of ephemera and sheet music. (We bag-and-board all of our ephemera and sheet music.) Paperback collectors will also love the prices on our bagged collectible paperbacks. Check out our shelf label shop tour to get the full spectrum.

For your new book purchases, you can help support Blue Train Books and independent bookstores across the country by searching and ordering through our Bookshop.org storefront.

Please note: Books listed in our Bookshop.org online bookstore are not available in our physical store. Please visit our bookstore in Hogansville, GA to explore our (non-computerized) inventory of used books. Thank you!
Check out our featured list on Bookshop for the Jeff VanderMeer Ambergis Trilogy of books from MacMillian/Picador. Also check out our list of fiction anthologies edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer and our more full list of books by Jeff VanderMeer (fiction and non-fiction).

Serendipity is the greatest pleasure of browsing, and there is no substitute for being able to hold the physical book in one’s hand. … The joy of finding something that one did not know existed, and that is deeply interesting or connected in a totally unexpected way with one’s intellectual interests of the moment, is one of the great serendipitous rewards of browsing, and one unknown to those who take a purely instrumental view of bookshops, leaving them the moment they discover that they do not have the very book that they want.” —Theordore Dalrymple